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"I felt myself shift energetically when she appeared"

"I don't really remember the first time I met Cathy, I have always just liked her. I felt myself shift energetically when she appeared, like a beacon in the night. I love the way she thinks and processes information. To be able to speak and write it as well as she does is a gift . I remember one time I told her, "I'm just too shy to say that." without missing a beat ,she turned around and said" too bad for you". I was stunned, but realized how absolutely accurate she was. I told her she lived her life out loud, no filters. Most of us think to much about what to say or not and worry how we may appear to others. Cathy's confidence in what she has to say is apparent. Its almost as if she has a knowing that her heart and head are in the right place, so why not. Being Cathy's friend is a breath of fresh air. Different and quirky , but heartfelt and sincere, Cathy's words are ones of wisdom."

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