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ROGINI IN TRAINING February 22, 2014 (Facebook post from 3 years ago)

It's been a full day since I finished my teacher training with Seane Corn in Miami. I just re-read the blog I posted in anticipation of what I knew would be a life changing experience~ and changed I am. I wanted to feel her energy, hear her voice, see her hair and be her student. Her energy is hard to describe... it's just so matter of fact...anything is possible. Her voice is STRONG and sometimes sweet, depending on what it needs to be to best serve. Her curly mane is usually tied up though when it isn't, it's as outrageous as she is. And above all, the experience was eye opening.

It was my first big step outside of my "yoga world" here in Delray Beach. I learned new things that contradicted old things I've been taught. Different emphasis was placed than what I've had in the past. Now the real yoga begins. What am I called to do? What am I passionate about? What makes me feel authentic? THIS is my work. I will integrate. I will choose. I will serve. I will love BIG. For me, it's always been about the service but what I became clear about is that I get to choose how I serve.

I will finish my teacher training and learn as much as I can by taking every opportunity... workshops, teaching, observing, assisting. I believe yoga is more in the being than the doing, but in order to learn, I have to do. So I walked away from this week being sure that I am on my path. My 20 years on the mat as a student will be my foundation that I stand on with both feet planted firmly on the earth. I learned with every word Seane spoke, that as a teacher, it's always about serving the student. It's about doing YOUR work as a teacher, so you can identify the struggle in the student. It's about asking questions, not telling. It's about teaching independence, not doing it for them. It's about light and shadows. It's about reading bodies, not minds and it's about transformation.

I believe people come to yoga to be transformed~ small or big... to find light, and to find their voice. For me, there is a definite spiritual component that makes it sacred. Otherwise it's just exercise. It's about walking the walk. Truly. I thought that with a quiet voice going in, and now I want to shout it from the rooftops. Thank you Seane, for teaching me what I already knew. (But you knew that!)


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