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Doing What Needs to be Done

It is so important that we take care of our bodies. Information is power and I have avoided having a colonoscopy for the better part of 4 years. Why? Just because it was honestly… wait for it… a real pain in the ass. The prep is supposed to suck, the procedure will have me out for a day and life gave me lots of easy excuses to put it off. The real truth is that I’ve never been sedated or had anesthesia, and I’m afraid. How’s that for karma? My husband is an anesthesiologist. I’ve always wished that he could come with me and be in the room to make sure I was really “out”. I would have done it on my 50th birthday if I could have had a +1.

In a previous life before children, I used to sell hip and knee replacements. I was in the operating room all day, every day. So I’ve seen the room, I’ve been in there when patients are getting prepped and I’ve always felt it was respectful and not at all scary. But that was them and this is me. I’ll be getting twilight. I like the name. It sounds twinkly and sparkly. I think the proper salutation to someone having twilight should be,”Sweet dreams”.

This whole process has been UNcomfortable for me. I am quite proactive about anything related to my health. I get a yearly physical. Do you? I go to the dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning. Do you? I have a yearly mammogram and see my GYN like clockwork. Do you? When I realized why I was avoiding this, I just had to get over myself and do what needed to be done. I literally dragged myself to the GI doc and put myself on the calendar for the colonoscopy.

I am 54 years old. Somehow I managed to skillfully avoid this procedure that I should have scheduled when I turned 50. So here I am in the early stages of prep on clear liquids. Nothing to report so far and in the name of decorum, I wouldn’t share even if there was. Sunday Funday has been cancelled and I’m hunkering down. The silver lining is that I spent the entire morning scrubbing and cleaning our guest house. We are tickled to have Dylan and his Carolina friends making a pit stop here on Thursday en route to a music festival in Miami, so I wanted it to feel super clean and cozy. Somehow the idea of cleaning out my body inspired me to clean out my home. I literally scrubbed the outside and sprayed it down with the hose.

I keep telling myself that it’s really no different than going to have my teeth cleaned. Digestion is essential to good health. A colonoscopy can detect colon cancer early enough to make a difference. So if you are like me and it was just easier to avoid, get on it. I am definitely less than thrilled if I’m to be honest but I’m pulling up (or down… LOL) my big girl panties. I will be thrilled tomorrow afternoon when it’s over. I can’t have anything to eat or drink tomorrow and my procedure is tomorrow afternoon… not ideal but I will be dreaming of the moment I’m cleared to leave. Alan will be driving me straight to Phenom 320 for ice cream.

I just went to my favorite deli for some chicken broth for “lunch” and plan to have wonton soup broth for “dinner”. I’m busting just thinking about it. This morning, as I was making the bed Alan called out from the bathroom. He said, ”When I woke up this morning, I had every intention of fasting with you but I’m already feeling weak. I think the idea has passed.” As always, he provides humor in the face of challenge. We both love to laugh. I am doing this for me and my health. I don’t need him to suffer as a show of solidarity, though it was a sweet gesture. After 30 years, it’s funny what feels like a declaration of love.

Wish me luck. Send me sparkly, twinkly well wishes tomorrow. I’ll see you on the back side. (Sorry, it was just too hard to resist!)

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