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In the Thick of It

Some people would call it a health crisis, I'm going to call it a health "challenge". Words carry power and I want this post to be perfectly clear. Women my age often face hormones "gone wild", thyroid imbalances, and blood sugar issues which can cause chaos in the body and leave us feeling unsettled and less than whole. I had an appointment with a functional medicine doctor yesterday. She listened, asked good questions, wondered why some lab results hadn't been followed up on long ago, and took almost all of my blood (lol). She is checking blood sugar, hormones, thyroid TSH T3, T4, reverse T3, antibodies, vitamin deficiencies, iron levels and cortisol. I found an M.D. to manage my health in a way that resonates with me. She will serve as my health case manager by coordinating test results and implementing necessary changes to bring me back to "well". I am learning as I go and this has become that big transition everyone in my life has been talking about; my work, my yoga off the mat, my journey. It is something only I can do. I will share the golden nuggets as they come. I am grateful to Mary Miller Brooks for the life changing info that is coming from Fuel Better Formula Summer Camp. She coaches on an online course I decided to take. Six weeks ago, I broke both tibial plateaus running on the treadmill. The treatment was immobilizers on both legs and totally non weight bearing for 6 weeks. This literally took me to my knees. In my down time, I knew I needed to stay busy so I signed up for an online course which was described as an adrenal reboot cleanse. My acupuncturist has been telling my adrenals are in a state of fatigue so this seemed like a perfect fit to keep me on my toes, without actually being able to be there. Little did I know it would shine a spotlight on what was really broken and that has become the focus of my return to wellness quest. My kitchen looks quite different now. Food has become medicine. My mind has become a laboratory for my thoughts. And I am perfectly clear that thoughts create physical reactions. My adrenal fatigue vocabulary list has expanded by leaps and bounds and horizons broadened. So grateful to Yan Ping Xu, Dr. Sophie and Dr. Holly who have treated my body with respect and honor. Their knowledge is awe inspiring. Acupuncture has played a role in my healing process and will continue to as I figure out the other pieces. Right now my focus is on grounding. Thank you to friends who have believed in me and checked in. My mom has been a lifeline and my sister a resource I am lucky to have. Grateful to teachers who have covered classes and students who have been open to new possibilities. I am eager to be on the other side of this but we all know there is only one way and that is through. Right now I feel like I am walking through mud and some days are easy while others take all the strength I've got. It is what it is and I'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other until one day I realize, I"m on the other side. Letting each day be my greatest teacher and my deepest inspiration. This is my greatest challenge and my sweetest opportunity to grow, if I let it be.

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