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#putting your        on paper

“Putting your heart on paper” is a verb in the Rosenberg house. Each year on my birthday, Alan writes me a love letter. I can set my watch to that beautiful envelope with a little scribbled heart that he sets by my sink on the morning of December 6th. I have saved every card he has written me since 1986 when we fell head over heels in love.

“Keep the flowers, keep the chocolates, you can even keep the jewelry, if you promise to put your heart on paper.”


I say this in all honesty. To me, there is absolutely no substitute for the expression of caring that comes when someone lays it all out. When someone "actually sits down and expresses admiration of any kind in writing. I believe in thank-you notes and like/love notes send me over the moon! And it is in that spirit that the “Putting your Heart on Paper Project" is born.

I was privileged to work closely with my friend and true creative genius, Kiki Baxter, in putting my vision to paper (or computer screen for this blog). I’ve always felt that a piece of her lives in my head and my heart. So this was a collaboration of ease and joy. When we came to the “About Me” page, I insisted I wasn’t going to write some dry, uninteresting bio that we’ve all seen before. Most people already know what I do (unless they’ve been living under a rock). I also didn’t want “testimonials” from students or people I’ve worked with since this is a blog about living life. I believe that the best way to get to know a person is to see them through the eyes of those they spend their days with, the people in their circle and the family they share their life with. So I decided to turn the autobiographical “About Me” notion on its ear.


I asked a few people who really know me or have encountered me through my love of yoga, to share their experience in an anecdote, an insight or some expression of our relationship. I asked them to put their heart on paper.

This is not a small thing.


And as you will see, they took it to heart. It was my hope that by asking people to share insight about our relationship, it might open the door for them to do that with others in their life.

I believe we all want to be loved, to feel connected and to know that people “get”us. When someone understands what matters to me, I feel alive. It is as if they are acknowledging my purpose for being on the planet.


This is an invitation to think about who you care about, who you appreciate (or under-appreciate), and who you would be willing to spread some sunshine on. Who makes a difference in your world? It could be the person who makes your latte every morning, a nanny that makes it possible for you to walk out that door every morning, the person you most love, the children you love like only a parent can, a dear friend, or perhaps even a colleague.


When was the last time you shared with them how much they matter? When was the last time you told a friend you really like them, or perhaps that you care deeply? When was the last time you said thank you to a person in your life that is always there for you and is rarely acknowledged for it? Whether it’s a sweet something scribbled on a post it note or an essay of length, put your heart on paper today. It can be big or small and quiet or loud. It will feel as good to give as it does to get. Thinking it to yourself is the booby prize.

This is a project. "Pro·ject (noun), an individual or callaboratie enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim."


For the next 5 days, make one soul a bit shinier by sharing your light. It's the warmest, kindest expression of humanity that exists.


All we need is love. I promise.

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