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"...a friendship that has seen us through childrearing, death, divorce (mine), remarriage (mine

Cathy and I are each other’s “oldest” friend which doesn’t refer to our respective ages but to the fact that we have been friends for 19 years, basically since I arrived in town knowing no one. Cathy approached me in her typically warm and friendly way at our sons’ preschool and asked me to help her with a charity event she was organizing. That started a friendship that has seen us through childrearing, death, divorce (mine), remarriage (mine lol), annual Christmas celebrations, countless dinners—all the life events, big and small, that matter. Through it all, Cathy has been a constant in my life and I love her and our friendship. She is a loyal, kind soul who makes me belly laugh until it hurts and bakes the best cookies ever!

One of Cathy’s favorite phrases is “living yoga on the mat and off the mat…” Maybe I don’t have it exactly right but you get the drift. Yoga has been a constant in Cathy’s life for more than 20 years and it informs who she is in all the important ways. Compassion, peace, acceptance, strength, grace…these are words we often hear during yoga practice and Cathy is one of those people who truly lives those words, not just on the mat, but off as well. Cathy has more fully come into her own since becoming a yoga instructor and her teaching style is generous, kind, strong and fun! Anyone looking to continue their yoga practice or start anew will love her class! Yay Cathy! xoxo

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