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"What's up Buttercup?"

The love affair with Buttercup is a work in progress as any good love affair tends to be. Last week she was a dream. She was sweet and cuddly and easy to love. The week before she was scratching and biting and into absolutely everything. She’s a kitten. It's what they do. Alan continues to kick and scream quietly about this adoption. Buttercup is a bit of a mama’s girl. I have had the time and access to cultivate a connection with her. Alan is more of an instant gratification kind of guy. So if she isn’t curling up into his lap immediately, he’s likely to throw in the towel. What he fails to recognize is that we didn’t make Buttercup a Rosenberg because we were looking to expand our family. We welcomed her into our home because she needed one and apparently she chose ours.

This isn’t a classic rescue story where you go to the shelter, pick the kitty you want and live happily ever after. This tiny street urchin crawled into my car, not once, but twice and rode around town in the engine meowing her way into our hearts. After the fire trucks pulled away and all the dust settled, I asked myself why. Why did she pick us? I really examined the situation. Our life was pretty simple. Everything was working quite easily. We were an empty nest. But could I ignore the universe literally delivering her to us?

Sometimes love is easy and effortless. And other times, there is work to be done. I have raised kittens who are the sweetest, mushiest puff balls. This little girl is a firecracker. She lived on her own for six weeks. Her grand entrance was marked by fire engines and rescue workers. Did I expect her to crawl into my lap and purr all day, every day? No, but a girl can dream, right? I think she came to us for a multitude of reasons. She is a living, breathing reminder that anything worth having may at times, require effort, stretching and some adapting.

At night, she crawls up into a ball on my chest and purrs. It's heavenly.She sleeps that way all night. And then, in the morning, as if a light switched has been turned on, she can be frisky, mischievous and even downright naughty. But it is in those moments, as with humans, that we are tested. When a cat is afraid, it shows its claws. It hisses and swats. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t want our love. It means it is afraid. It's easy to love someone who makes it easy. That’s a no-brainer. But those who really need our love, don’t always make it easy. The ones who need us the most, seek our attention, period. Sometimes it’s in unlikely ways and often times, it’s because they need it so much.

I adore this little kitty. She has breathed new life into our home. And as often as Alan complains about her under his breath (loud enough for me to hear), I know he feels the same way. . Even when she swats Cupcake and taunts her, I believe Cupcake appreciates the company. I’ve seen Cupcake get back in touch with her sass. This morning I woke up to Buttercup snuggling up next to a sleeping Cupcake. These are the moments that carry me; when I see the magic. There are also the moments when I have to separate them to eat, clean up the litter box, and sneak out the front door so she doesn’t get out. Life definitely got more complicated. But I like to think it’s a good version of complicated. Every time I hear the tinkle of her bell, I am thankful I extended myself, past my comfort zone. I don't know that she was going to take no for an answer, but either way, I'm glad we welcomed her into our world.

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