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A Day of Reckoning

I have not been feeling myself for the last few weeks. It could well be a series of unfortunate events, laryngitis, sore throat, extreme fatigue, and earache, one after the other. It is a tough allergy season so who knows? But I’ve also been feeling “off”, not quite myself and I have had a sneaking suspicion all along that my thyroid might be the culprit.

Wednesday morning I called my internist and put my foot down. I wanted bloodwork ordered and I intended to have it done first thing. I headed to have blood drawn and it took far longer than expected. An hour in and I was still waiting to be called. I had to teach so I was starting to get antsy. Finally she called my name and took 3 vials; the contents of which I was hoping would provide some much needed answers.

When I got in my car, I knew I had to get to the studio safely and quickly. That is when I heard it. “Mew… mew…mew.” It was coming from under my hood… from the engine. It was disturbing and it got softer and louder. I stopped at the first light and got out of my car. I looked under the car, behind the wheels and wherever I could, but then the light changed. Was I imagining this? I started to accelerate and there it was again, ”Mew, mew, mew”. What in the world was going on? I checked my phone to see if it was some silly app. It was not. I stopped at another light. As I got out of the car, one of my closest friends drove by and yelled out the window as she slowed down, ”Are you ok?” I said there’s a cat in my car somewhere and then the light changed.’’ I even stopped a third time but couldn’t see a thing.

I got to the studio and was already late. I had called ahead to say I’d be a few minutes late which is unheard of for me. I like to arrive early and feel the room, chat with students and settle in. I immediately popped the hood of my car fully expecting to see this kitten who had been calling for help the whole ride over. People started to gather to see if I needed help. I told them there was a kitten in my car. They all offered support but I think they had their suspicions. I tossed my keys at the doorman at the hotel and told him there was a kitty in my car and I had to go teach. I jumped into the elevator and headed up to the 5th floor.

When I arrived at the studio, a friend who had come to take my class and is also a teacher had started my class, thankfully. I told Shari at the desk my reason for being late and broke into tears. Shari is always in my corner and quietly arranged to have the teacher continue teaching the rest of the class which was already underway.I went back downstairs and there were no more “mews” and no kitten to be found. I really was starting to wonder myself. Had I made it up? Was I really starting to lose it? I’m not even kidding. After the last few week of feeling odd, I was doubting myself. I called my son for reassurance. I gave him the whole story and asked,” What do you think Bub?” He said,”I think you’re cracking up”. Love the honesty. How about working on the delivery?

I had to let the whole thing go. I did a meditation class with an angel friend and we met for a cup of tea. The whole thing was unsettling but I really knew I heard what I heard. I decided that there was a kitty and it just was hitching a ride and scooted off to play. I shared my story over and over that day and while people wanted to believe me, most just chalked it up to one of those things that has no explanation.

Today was a day of vindication. I woke up with 9 Tarheels in my house. Dylan’s whole crew spent the night en route to Rolling Loud in Miami, a music festival. So Alan and I headed out first thing to get them some breakfast goodies. First stop was Nani’s Doughnuts. Then we headed to get bagels. Breakfast of champions, right?

I ran in to Einstein’s and picked up a dozen bagels. Alan was waiting in the car and as I approached the car I heard, “Mew, mew, mew.” I motioned for him to put the window down and I said, “Did you just hear that?” He did. I wasn’t crazy. It got louder and louder and he pulled over immediately. He popped the hood and there were those beautiful eyes staring up at us from the bottom of the engine. And she just kept “mewing”. I called Delray Beach Fire Rescue and they dispatched help immediately. We waited and soon I heard the siren. They jumped off the truck and got to work. A second truck arrived with specific equipment. It took almost 30 minutes and then I had her in my arms.

Was this the same kitten or a different one? Was she living in my yard and just thought she’d try to get my attention in a different car since her first attempt was unsuccessful? Was she a message? Is she my spirit animal? What was the message? We took her home and told the story to all of our house guests. A few of them fell in love but one in particular thought he wanted to take her back to NYC. I’m hoping that works out. I’m also quietly hoping it doesn’t.

I feel like the Universe has spoken and while its whispers have stirred my soul, my husband is apparently hard of hearing OR has a heart of stone.

This experience has been vindicating. I did hear her calling me. I had such remorse that I didn’t do more on Wednesday when I heard the meows. So this was my chance to get it right. We saved a life this morning. It was a teeny tiny furry one but no less a life. Right now I am somewhere between shock, euphoria, falling in love and trying not to…all at the same time. I will find her a home worthy of her story whether it’s someone I know or just someone worthy of her. But I am certain that she came into my life for a reason. She asked for what she wanted and didn’t go away until she got it. Thank you Miss Kitty for the reminder. I’m glad you found me.

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