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This is What I Want for Mothers Day

Originally published May 1, 2013 and still every bit as wise.

Dear (Dylan and Eliza) feel free to insert your child's name here

Mother’s Day is coming up and I thought I should tell you what I want. This way there’s no guilty panic or last minute purchasing of flowers at the closest gas station. So, this is what I want, this year and every year; it’s pretty simple really.

I want you to be a decent human being. I want you to be who you are. I want you to work hard at everything you do, because life is too short not to give it everything you’ve got. I want you to ask for help when you need it. I want you to help others when they need it. I want you to learn how to cook, do your own laundry, pay your bills and know how to clean a bathroom. When you screw up, and you will, more than once, I want you to own it, because it’s the screw-ups that make the victories sweeter. I want you to travel, because the world is huge and you are one part of it. I want you to know that even when we hate each other, I will never stop loving you. I want you to play nicely with others. I want you to feed your curiosity. I want you to find a way to do what you love, and realize that that might look different than you originally thought. I want you to respect every human being’s right to be who they are. I want you to sometimes be more interested in someone else than in yourself. I want you to know that you are flawed and you are extraordinary. There is no one else like you. I want you to know that I would lay down my life for you in Lily Potter fashion any day of the week. I want you to realize how lucky you are every once in awhile even if only for an instant. I want you to know love, even if it means getting hurt. I want you to relax and not feel guilty about it. I want you to know life can be brutally hard sometimes. I want you to know that you can choose happiness even when the dark side offers you temptation.

And I wouldn’t mind breakfast in bed... get real, I want to go out! See? Simple!

I love you, Mom

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