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Peace in my Soul

April 15, 2014~ 3 years ago today

Today was a lightbulb day, not just a moment. My favorite peace sign earrings that I wear every single day were MIA this morning for a full hour~ yes, 60 minutes of terror. They were a gift from Alan and a sparkly reminder of the peace I seek daily in my soul. When I finally found them, I literally told God that I would take this day with grace and poise and be grateful for every single thing that came my way. I drew every breath true to my word, I have had an amazing, almost out of body kind of day.

My friend Erica Keller Fazzari and her husband Brad, came to my class this morning. She's a seasoned yoga teacher and someone I admire. I was both excited to see her face and aware of her presence on her mat in my class~ hoping to be worthy as I always am. My friend Melissa Stegman-Hecht popped in because her morning opened up and much as I love her, she was just another reason to be aware of my teaching. She doesn't have a judgmental bone in her body. So it wasn't at all about her, and all about me.

Grateful with grace and poise, remembering my promise with every inhale and every exhale, taking whatever comes. Today was the first day I left class ok with whatever happened in the class... able to see the big picture... knowing it's a journey and giving myself permission to be human. I think people left feeling better than when they came in and I believe they learned a few things along the way~ things they can recreate. The feedback was all very positive. I have to check my ego at the door and just put myself out there. This is what I want to do and I know I'm meant to do it~teach, share, be human, accept, let go and move forward. If I can demonstrate this in myself, I can ask it of my students.

So this is me, being proud of my journey, amazed at the depth of personal growth that comes with becoming a yoga teacher and feeling humble as I realize how much there is to learn... and teach.. and learn... and teach. Yoga is a union of heart and soul for me. I want to help people find their light and create a space where people are willing to shine as their service to others. When we shine, we light up a path for those who have forgotten how bright and beautiful their own light is. My hope is that I can share yoga with people on the mat , so they can then go out and share it off the mat... it's all about the ON and OFF. Namaste.

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