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Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

A Second Helping of San Fran

There is something hardwired in my head that puts family vacations and fabulous meals into the same category. The moment I finish booking plane tickets, it is on to my 3 favorite words… breakfast, lunch and dinner. Perhaps make that 4... dessert. I believe I made magic in the breakfast world on our last pilgrimage and I might be inclined to do an encore production. Dottie’s True Blue, Mama’s on Washington Square, and Plow made the highlights reel.

Lunch and dinner are concepts we are going to explore. Our first stop will be to Flores on Friday night. It appears to be a hip, cool Mexican spot that is Dylan tested and enthusiastically approved. On Saturday morning, we will be heading to Carmel for our getaway weekend at the Hotel Carmel. I can already taste the goodies at the bakery there from the pictures and have made two dinner reservations. One is casual dining and good food while the other is elegant green dining. We’ll have to see what we’re hungry for in the moment.

On Sunday night it’s back to the city for a week of eating our way through San Fran. That could be standing up at a juice bar or sitting with good people whole heartedly devouring a great meal. I am hoping to sip on a cocktail or two, watch a few sunsets and get familiar with Dylan’s new digs since we’ll be staying in his place. I intend to live fully in every magical moment and at the same time, memorize them. This will be a great footprint for me. One of the hard parts of having our son live so far away is that often, we rely on his description of every experience to have a sense of what he’s up to. I will have a visual memory of everywhere he takes us. I will take snapshots in my mind. And after a week of schmoozing around, I imagine it will feel like home. They say, ”Home is where your heart is.”

So if you’ve eaten in San Fran recently and you want to share a delicious morsel about where we should go, phone lines are open. Please reach out and give us your “best of” restaurants. We don’t do fancy shmancy or too formal. We don’t know how to behave in places like that nor do we want to. Our last visit was fueled almost entirely by two friends who had recently travelled there and every recommendation was a five star suggestion. Thank you Mayde and Rachel.

I am beyond excited for this Cali vacation. My two favorite guys for a week. Food, glorious food, and a blank calendar. It’s a delicious recipe for fun.

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