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A Valentine's Day Revolution

This year I’d like to propose a revolution for Valentine's Day. How about you skip the red carnations

and cheesy store bought cards? What if you just made the day about expressing the love that lives in our heart? How would that look? Would you take your dog for an extra-long walk to deliver that TLC? Why not leave some freshly baked at your favorite neighbor’s door to say thanks for having your back? How about calling your best friend instead of texting so he or she hears the gratitude in your voice? You could thank your child’s teacher or your boss for lessons learned with a sweet treat. When’s the last time you wrote your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend/partner a love letter? What if you brought your favorite yoga teacher a decaf tall nonfat latte to class to make her feel warm and fuzzy?

I vote we take the “one and only” concept out of this “Hallmark holiday” and reinvent the day to express genuine friendship and love for the people in our lives who make a difference. What if we included ourselves in this brave new world? Couldn't you put yourself on the calendar to love yourself a little extra? Why not wake up early and take a morning beach walk? How about scheduling an extended lunch and roll out your mat for a delicious yoga class with me at Bamboo Garden Yoga at 12:15? How delicious would an afternoon nap be in a sunny spot on your porch just this once. You could pack a picnic or order a pizza and surprise your family with a destination dinner. And if all else fails, why not take everyone out for ice cream to sweeten their day?

I am a true romantic. I love daisies, peonies, I feel pretty in pink and I love baked goods as a thank you for anything and everything. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love out loud. I truly revel in a day that encourages me to acknowledge the LOVE in my life. I invite you to celebrate in a way that feels authentic. It doesn’t have to be some over-the-top lovefest, or a 24 hour sentence to be blue because you’re single or nursing a broken heart. Let it be an occasion that encourages us to honor the love that fills us up. Love comes in many shapes and sizes. Many of us know the love of a parent, or a child, or a sibling or perhaps a genuine “I got your back” friendship kind of love. Surely we can find a sweetheart in there somewhere.

As I was getting dressed this morning, I heard an anchor on the Today Show say,” Oh, tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. I’d better run out and buy something for my husband.” WHY??? Why does expressing love have to cost money and come from a store? I got a card from my Gal-entine today. She shared a sweet sentiment and it absolutely made my day. I treasure the homemade valentines Dylan and Eliza made for me when they were babies. I saved each and every one. They are far from perfect. But isn't the imperfection what makes us human? Isn't it the common thread that strings us all together?

Perhaps this year we could fall in love with the idea that it is the expression of your love that is the greatest gift you could ever give. The grand gestures don’t make the love any stronger. That is why sometimes one long stemmed red rose means more than dozens. It is why a cookie or a cupcake might be the sweetest way to say "I really like you" and it’s certainly why putting your heart on paper is priceless.

Why not make a list of 5 people who rock your world, and do something big or small, to express your affection for them. You’ll get as good as you give. Love is in abundance. You don’t have to hord it or ration it out. There is plenty to go around and one size fits all. Give it away freely and watch it come back to you in the most unexpected and delightful ways.

"If I know what love is, it is because of you."

Happy Valentine's Day!

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