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Warm, Sweet and a little Nutty

I bumped into a friend at Yoga Journey this morning who was asking about buying some of my vegan chocolate chip cookies. I explained to her that baking is a labor of love for me~

a signature thank you note or my version of a home baked hug. The funny thing is that when I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was a "chocolate chip cookie mom". My mother was a hippie before it was hip to be one. She bought groceries at the Earth Shop (a far cry from Whole Foods) and I was mortified. We had tofu on Thanksgiving and she loved to be "different". I did EST when I was 13. At the time I didn't appreciate the gift of her being so unique, I just thought she was weird. One year at Thanksgiving I looked across the table and introduced myself to a total stranger who had joined us. He was the piano tuner who had nowhere to go so of course my mom invited him to dinner. (I come from a long line of "includers".)

In some ways I raised myself and in other ways I had the privilege, I now realize, of being exposed to wisdom and experiences most adults will never have in their lifetime. My mom was about the farthest thing from "hands on" but her hands were always giving me a gentle shove in the direction of growing and learning. I often say that I turned out in spite of my mom and she says I turned out because of her. Both are the truth. How funny is it that my children actually have a "chocolate chip cookie mom"? Over time my kids have learned to accept me for the package deal that I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and love out loud, often dragging them into my open heartedness~with or without their consent. They have become good at letting me be who I am so I go out of my way to exercise great effort in letting them be who they are; even when it's not easy for me~ which is often the case. The common ingredients are always love and respect.

Over the years, I have perfected my vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe. Similarly, over time, my parenting skills have become softer and sweeter and for my children~ easier to swallow. I now fully appreciate that what I had and more importantly, what I didn't have as a child growing up in my house has made me who I am today... the chocolate chip cookie mom I always wished for… warm, sweet and a little nutty. Thank you Mom. At 53 I realize we are more alike than different. I consider mothering my greatest accomplishment. You should too. After all, I used your recipe. And as any good baker, I credit the source of my inspiration so I can call it my own.

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