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"Her blog will inspire you to love yourself just a bit more, be an inclusive member of the univ

Cathy is the girl that knows about "the thing, the place, the fun hobby, the way to help..." before you! Cathy has an infectious way of getting people excited about, well, almost anything! This is actually how we became friends in 2009 on -Yes...FACEBOOK. She was sharing my new Vegan CupcakeChef info and cooking classes with the world, so, naturally, I wanted to meet her for coffee.

She was real, she was laugh out loud funny and she was eager to learn more about me - I just loved her from day 1.

I used to lovingly refer to her as the Mayor of Delray Beach - she knows every shop (owner), restaurant, artist, and homeless man in town and she greets them all with the same smile and warm heart.

She is a free spirit with a the energy of a teenager and I am always lucky to have her on my team!

Cathy is human. She writes from a vulnerable place that allows you to feel comforted, connected and inspired.

I find it refreshing that Cathy will openly present the good, the bad and the ugly she encounters in her own life to share the lessons and blessings with us all.

Authenticity is a scarcity these days and you can see it means something to Cathy to tell it like it is and offer support when needed...even to strangers!

This past February, I fell and broke 2 bones in my left hand. I was already dealing with the fact that my dad was dying of cancer and now this. Many of my amazing friends stepped up to assist...Cathy was one of the biggest supports! Never saying she knew how I felt only offering to assist when and wherever "You take care of dad and I'll take care of you!" Still some of the kindest words I've ever heard uttered.

She took on subbing a Tuesday night corporate class I'd been teaching for over 7 years with no apprehension, she encouraged me to focus on self care with daily check ins, and even passed food at a party; where she was a guest, telling everyone what amazing 1 handed chef I was! In 2 words-Humble and Kind!

Cathy is a Wife and Mama Bear above all else! I did not doubt Cathy would be an amazing teacher considering she takes being a student SO seriously.

What inspired me more than her deciding to be a teacher when both her kiddies were college age (can you say reinvention maven?) was how she encouraged her son to do a training first. How she worked tirelessly to fill her schedule to be able to pay for extras for both her kids/hard working hubby, and how she will still drop an amazing yoga class or opportunity of any kind if any of them need her!

Truly the only time she is not present when I'm with her is when Alan, Dylan or Eliza are ringing her phone!

Cathy wants you to like yourself. She fights for people to feel good in their own yoga pass required.

Yoga is definitely her gig, but Cathy has always supported my running, her daughters fitness, and lots of other creative outlets of self care. Her blog will inspire you to love yourself just a bit more, be an inclusive member of the universe and love with a whole heart! I'll be hanging on every word and I hope you'll be there, too!

Oh....and sure there will be plenty of Yoga, too, I assume!

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