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"I learned the importance of practicing yoga on and OFF the mat"

"I don't even know where to begin, so I guess I'll start from the beginning; I had just started to get into yoga (and by "just start" I mean I had a Groupon and was trying as many classes as I could before it expired) when one day my best friend and I ended up in Cathy's class. I am not exaggerating when I say this, but there were multiple times during class where I almost started to cry because I was so moved by Cathy's words! Everything she said "made sense" and really spoke to me - so much so that I made it a point to make sure I could attend at least one of her classes a week! Not only for the exercise yoga provides or even the relaxation, but because of how I felt when I left Cathy's classes: inspired. In just a few short months I learned the importance of practicing yoga on and OFF the mat and this has been an extremely powerful lesson I will continue to practice daily and I will hold near and dear to my heart forever! Cathy is such an amazing, motivational, inspiring, and beautiful soul. I am eternally grateful to have had the pleasure of being one of her students." - Valentina P.

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